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  • Innovative Leadership

    Colin details a moment in school when he fully realized his power to stand up against bullying. My model for success includes more than academics. I encourage students to face challenges with confidence and awareness.

  • Working With Siblings

    Lynn S. discusses the different learning profiles of her two daughters.

  • Instilling Confidence

    Kevin explains how one moment can have a lasting effect.

  • Guiding Students & Parents

    David talks about navigating a difficult time. The path through adolescence to adulthood has its share of ups and downs. It helps to have an objective problem solver step in when parents and students aren’t on the same page.

  • A Student Finds His Voice

    James wins an award with a talent that was present but not yet fully realized.

  • I Believe

    I have always believed in the power of education. Watch to see what some of my students believe in.


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