Educational Support.    Academic Tutoring.    Test Preparation.


Academic Support:

I am available to help students with assigned homework and tests, remediate areas of weakness, or provide enrichment for gifted students. My strength is in the humanities, and I am known for being the teacher who inspires students to take their writing to the next level. Whether I am assisting a struggling student to overcome writer’s block or editing a literary analysis for a sophisticated senior, I have the experience and the tool kit for success.

Reading Support:

In my career I have evaluated and taught well over a thousand students and helped them increase comprehension and insight. These experiences enable me to quickly identify problems and remediate weaknesses. My key to success is finding high interest material for even the most reluctant readers.

Test Preparation / College Essays:

I specialize in the ACT reading, writing, and English exams, and the verbal sections of high school admissions tests. My work with students on college essays can include generating ideas, organizing and editing drafts, and perfecting the final product.

School Support:

I assist parents in communicating with school personnel to ensure positive outcomes for students. Most of my work takes place behind the scenes counseling parents on how to frame requests to support their children. I have also attended meetings related to performance, behavior, special education, or teacher issues.

Overall Support:

During a long school career, it is not uncommon for a student to lose focus or motivation at some point along the way, or for a parent to feel some degree of frustration with academic performance. These moments are almost always temporary, but they can become permanent if the pressure and tension surrounding a problem builds to a point of meltdown. I recognize traps and mirages that can impede progress. In response, I offer solutions and many different paths to success. Once parents and students see a way out of a problem, the educational journey to prosperity will continue.

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