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In my twenty plus years of education, I have taught English at three outstanding schools. I began at Washburne School in Winnetka, moved to Los Angeles to teach at the prestigious Curtis School, and am currently in my ninth year of teaching at the award winning Lake Bluff Middle School. My consulting evolved from my teaching style. I have always given my personal cell number to parents in case an issue arose outside of school hours. Parents appreciated the access to a problem solver and wanted to maintain the working relationship even after their children graduated from middle school.

Content area tutoring complemented the general support, and ACT preparation became a priority as the students progressed through high school. Years of teaching reading strategies and explaining writing concepts made the English related topics a natural fit. I have researched the ACT by reviewing hundreds of actual questions from past tests. With both school related assignments and ACT prep, I have always been able to inject some life into the work as students complete tasks and learn new skills. Regardless of the content area, students and parents have valued my knowledge, accessibility, and innovative approach.


  • NLU – Bachelors with honors - English/Education double major
  • UCLA Graduate School of Education – Writing Project Fellowship
  • NLU - Masters with honors - Administration / Educational Leadership
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