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The Daniel Witz Advantage

My entire career has been devoted to education. I have worked with thousands of students. These experience are invaluable when diagnosing and solving problems.

Many tutors work with only a handful of students each year. Few can match the diversity of my experiences with students.

My first priority is establishing a positive working relationship. I create a comfortable learning environment that respects the individuality of each student.

It’s not always easy to find a tutor who is equally strong in subject matter and in working with children. Content expertise alone will not lead to progress.

I specialize. Focusing on my strengths in English and the humanities ensures the highest level of instruction.

Tutors who provide assistance for all subject areas may not have the tool kit and content knowledge to be effective. There is a reason why teachers in grades 6-12 specialize.

My experience supporting special education students is extensive. I have co-taught many classes with high needs students and always found a way to lift achievement above expectations.

Private tutors who have limited experiences with special needs populations may find it frustrating to work with students who have serious learning disabilities or behavior issues.

I foster independence. By combining skill building and confidence building, I prepare students for success on their own. Some families prefer regular support throughout the year that can include enrichment or long-term learning objectives, but most parents are happy to move from regular appointments to an “on call” relationship once significant progress is made.

Most tutoring centers are about keeping time slots filled and may neglect to point out the moment when a student is ready for independence. Some tutors assist by completing work for students rather than teaching the skills. This fosters dependence.

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