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My Philosophy & Vision

Daniel Witz

I believe education is the key to prosperity, and that a prosperous life extends far beyond wealth. My work with students is focused on more than academic achievement. High grades and test scores are part of a successful future, but students also need to think critically, organize independently, and communicate effectively. I assist in raising grades, test scores, and confidence levels. I help students and families solve problems by giving options rather than directives. My clients define prosperity for themselves; I just help them go out and live it.

The goal of education should be that “every person master the knowledge and skills they will need in life; that every person be given a chance to live happily and richly; that every person be given an opportunity to develop fully their own individuality; and that all people be brought to the fullest possible realization that in the world’s good is one’s own and in one’s own good is the world’s.”   -- Educator Carleton Washburne

These words form the basis of my philosophy in the classroom and when consulting with families. The opportunities afforded our students on the North Shore should never be wasted or taken for granted. My role is to maximize opportunity. I have been educating students and families on the North Shore since 1987, and I have always found a way to help students reach their highest level of confidence and achievement.

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Client Testimonials

Nancy Silverton

My son had been struggling with his writing in school. Daniel was able to connect with him and improve his skills tremendously. His confidence grew as a writer, student, and person. The quality I valued most in Dan was his ability to make the tutoring sessions enjoyable as well as productive. My son took the lessons to heart and became a journalism major at NYU.
Nancy Silverton, Top Chef and Author

Fern Schumer Chapman

In my role as an author, I had the privilege of working with Mr. Witz in his classroom. Together, we taught the basics of writing and journalism. I am deeply impressed with Mr. Witz. He is an outstanding, dynamic teacher, who inspires children to think critically. He is innovative, exhibiting great leadership skills, and his enthusiasm for teaching is evident in every interaction with his students.
Fern Schumer Chapman, Illinois Author of the Year

Janet Holland

My son worked with Daniel to prepare for the reading and English portion of the ACT, and the improvement was remarkable. Another impressive moment occurred when my daughter had neglected a 200 pt. portfolio requiring four papers, rough drafts, peer edits, and reflections. Daniel jump started the process and had the foresight to schedule another student simultaneously to assist with the peer edits. Somehow she finished before the deadline and earned a 95%.
Janet Holland, Educator

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